Best Deposit Bonuses for Canada - 2023

Welcome Bonus

  • Easy to make use of as a casino bonus.

  • One of the most popular promotions.

  • It helps you get a better head start in your gambling session.

  • You could get a match of up to 200%+ on your casino's bonus deposit.

  • An excellent way to get bonus money is to start gambling.

  • You can use it in a variety of casino games.

  • Available for lots of payment methods.

No Deposit Bonus

  • A casino bonus that offers you bonus money without making a first deposit.

  • A no deposit offer is very friendly to beginners.

  • Allows you to try games without a casino deposit for free by taking advantage of this incredible casino bonus offer

  • One of the most accessible bonuses is to cash out your bonus money directly to your payment methods without an initial casino deposit.

  • Excellent source of bonus money to jumpstart your gambling adventure.

  • Maybe one of the best bonuses you can find on the market.

High Roller Bonus

  • Casino bonus for people with a deeper pocket.

  • Lots of potential for bonus money with the VIP perks that come along with this casino bonus.

  • Requires a bigger casino deposit or a first deposit.

  • A casino bonus can give you other benefits besides those offered directly by the reward. Specific payment methods provide better advantages.

Mobile Only Bonus

  • An offer that is favouring mobile users.

  • Offers specific advantages to Android and iOS users with their first casino deposit

  • Easier to win bonus money when using your mobile phone to access the game.

  • Also has access to the other bonuses and casino bonus benefits.

How Do You Gamble Responsibly?

To gamble responsibly is of utmost importance. Promises of bonus money and casino bonus offers floating around on the internet are constantly bombarding us for attention.

The best strategy for any gambling activity is to ensure that you never overspend money that would otherwise be extremely important to you. To gamble responsibly, you need to understand that winning bonus money is a matter of chance and that you shouldn't take them for granted.

A casino bonus can help you win, but lucky strikes are few in-between.

What is a Casino Deposit Bonus?

Using an online casino bonus offer is advantageous to the player and should be taken advantage of. A deposit bonus is reward Canadians receive upon making a first deposit at their chosen casino site. Furthermore, a this is one of the most commonly found offer among different casino bonuses.


There are several deposit bonus offers, but we will touch upon one just to illustrate how the promotion or welcome bonus usually works in most cases. A deposit bonus is one of the best offers in Canada simply because it's straightforward to use, and if you're playing for money, you will make the first deposit anyway.

The active bonus amount you get differs from casino to casino and in different casino games. When playing for money, you will get the chance to use a code or perform a wagering requirement to be able to use the bonus funds gained from the deposit bonus. First deposit bonus offers usually work quite similarly.

Let's say you decided to sign-up at a casino platform, and you decided to start playing for money and make the first deposit. The casino offers a 100% bonus on your first-time deposit, up to 250 CAD in funds. A deposit bonus is just one variation of a bonus new Canadians can use, but it's relatively easy to get, apart from the limit attached to most deposit offers.

If you have money to spend, you could theoretically deposit the maximum bonus money, which easily doubles your money spent even from the beginning. There's also a required deposit, ranging from a few euros to a couple of dozen. But if you invest, let's say 250 CAD on a 100% bonus, you will receive the complete 250 CAD, which means you now have double the funds.

As good as it sounds, most casinos offer a welcome or deposit bonus. There's business logic behind this offer, but it kind of ends up being a win-win situation for the casino and the player.

You need to know some things before you go all-in on the deposit promotions, but we will cover everything in more detail later. One of the most important things to pay attention to is the limit related to the bonus offer, as once it runs out, you won't be able to use it anymore.

Also, if you go above the maximum bet limit, you will only receive the maximum possible amount shown on the offer when you make a deposit.

Types of Deposit Bonuses

Even though this is a deposit bonus section, there are many types of offers you will stumble upon on your gambling adventure. However, to take advantage of these bonuses, such as the first deposit bonuses, you will need to play for real money, as they are not available in the free version of the game.

Below we will go over some of the more popular bonuses you will encounter.

1st Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus is one of the most commonly found casino bonus offers in online casinos in Canada, and it's one of the most accessible bonuses to get a hold of. It's a bonus you automatically qualify for when you make your first deposit. However, you will need to make a certain number of wagering contributions and fulfil wagering requirements.

The First deposit casino bonus will reward you with a fixed amount of bonus money or free spins combined. For example, you can get a bonus of 100% of your first payment, up to 200 CAD in total. It all depends on how much you decide to spend on your first deposit bonus.

Birthday Bonus

As far as casino bonuses go, we also have a Birthday bonus which you receive on your birthday or the day of the casino's birthday. Casinos in Canada more heavily promote some birthday bonuses, but casinos also keep some of the birthday bonuses as a surprise to you.

Usually, birthday bonuses specific to the player are not advertised up front as they are directly tied to the demographic information you provided the casino when you signed up. It's not as wild as a birthday party, but if you're an avid gambler waking up to a casino bonus for your birthday is a welcome sight. The essence of the birthday bonus is different from casino to casino.

For example, you may be surprised with a no-deposit bonus or a simple reload bonus on your special day. To use this bonus, you will need to be registered with the casino and have spent some time playing.

Furthermore, you will need to provide the correct demographic information to use this bonus. To do this, you will need to provide a government-issued document such as an ID, Passport or Driver's License. The casino will verify this information. Also, you will likely be able to use the bonus only on certain games.

Cashback Bonus

For a player to receive a cashback bonus, they will need to perform some task or fulfil specific requirements set by the casino. In all cases, however, you will need to deposit before being able to claim the cashback bonus. 

You can claim a cashback bonus by making a direct claim at the casino or via a bonus code that you will need to enter on the website and take advantage of the bonus.

A positive side of cashback bonuses is that some casinos offer bonuses, whether you win or lose the bet. For example, if you bet 100 CAD on a casino game, you will receive 25% back no matter whether the bet is a winning or losing one. There are also different cashback bonuses, such as weekly cashback, cashback on weekly losses, cashback on the first few deposits or cashback during weekends.

Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive casino bonuses are some of the most exciting casino bonuses on the betting market. What makes these offers unique is their limited availability and their custom-made nature. Usually, such bonuses will be tailored specifically to your gambling habits or the game you play most often. It's an uncommon bonus that isn't given to everyone and will likely last a short time.

Other promotions may be considered exclusive, such as loyalty or VIP bonuses that award Canadians points converted to cash or free spins. Long-standing loyal players with a history with the casino usually receive these bonuses.

Furthermore, exclusive bonuses can range in rewards or requirements, making them exclusive to the casino or portal you play at. No one-size-fits-all template is usually applied to the exclusive bonus, even though they may sometimes be similar.

Your best bet of receiving an exclusive bonus is being a loyal player at one casino for a more extended period until such a time comes when the casino will decide to reward you with a prize tailored to fit your needs and playstyle. Even though this casino bonus offer is hard to come by, it's convenient.

High Roller Bonus

A high roller bonus is one of the most lucrative casino bonuses you use to earn bonus money. The High roller bonus can come in different shapes and forms, but it's usually a deposit bonus for players who deposit a large sum of money. Even though most online casinos strive to treat all their players equally, players who spend a lot of money are indeed eligible to receive more than their fair share of more lucrative casino bonuses.

A high roller bonus is a casino bonus that can be part of a welcome bonus, awarding players for their large deposit. It makes sense for the casino to pay special attention to players who spend a lot of time. After all, they are the ones that will earn the casino the most money.

Apart from new Canadians, existing players can also become high rollers when they make a deposit casino. A large deposit amount can lead to the player being assigned a VIP status at the casino, giving the player more benefits, or at least more than regular players.

Low Wagering Bonus

A low wagering bonus may sound technical, but it's elementary in practice. Low wagering bonuses are usually smaller than other bonuses in the sum of money they can award, but it's still a good deal as it offers better wagering requirements.

Furthermore, a low wagering bonus will have lower wagering requirements than other bonuses, allowing Canadians to withdraw their won money earlier. This is great for new players as it will enable them to make a return on their actual money expenditure at the casino. 

These bonuses sometimes don't have a strict deposit amount either, and there are even real online casinos that are low wagering, making them an excellent place for new players to start.

No Wagering Bonus

By now, you've undoubtedly seen that most casinos have a set amount of wagering requirements that you must meet before you can make a withdrawal of your funds from the casino. Requirements can also come in the form of different limits.

However, a way to skip these requirements is to find a casino that offers a no-wagering bonus. You can withdraw your wins without any prior requirements when using a no-wagering bonus.

It is a common bonus and can come in many shapes and forms in Canada. It can be part of the first deposit bonuses, it can be part of a welcome bonus, or it can be part of a cashback bonus. Getting access to a no-wagering bonus is easy. All you have to do is find a casino that offers the bonus, make a deposit, win some rewards if you are lucky and then withdraw the funds you've won.

Refer a Friend Bonus

The Refer a Friend bonus is one of the most lucrative bonuses for the casino, as it can increase the player registration rate. The name is self-explanatory, and you will receive a bonus when you refer a friend to the casino who makes a deposit and starts playing.

Different casinos offer different refer-a-friend bonuses, but it's a win-win situation for both the casino and the gambler. Even though similar, the rewards won from the promotion can differ from casino to casino.

The bonuses most often rewarded to players when they refer new people are direct cash bonuses awarded directly to the player's balance. Or, sometimes, players are rewarded with free spins.

It's easy enough to activate if you have friends who like to gamble, but it may be harder to find someone to refer to the casino and claim this bonus for yourself if you are a loner gambler. Most casinos also require you to deposit before you can use the refer-a-friend promotion.

How Does a Deposit Bonus Work?

Different casinos in Canada will have unique requirements to fulfil for the player to withdraw funds from the casino.

The Terms and Conditions section of the casino website features the conditions, and you should read them carefully so that you won't miss anything. When a player does something against the Terms and Conditions, they might have their funds and wins taken by the casino. For example, a casino may offer a 100% bonus of up to 500 CAD and a minimum of 20 CAD deposit is needed for the player to be eligible to activate the bonus.

There are also usually playthrough requirements. The bonus, for example, will need to be played through several times before the player can withdraw the funds. This can be any amount decided and set by the casino.

Also, many casinos do not allow Canadians to take advantage of several bonuses at once. An additional thing against the Terms and Conditions is creating more than one account specifically to use the bonus for more than the allowed time per account. To use the deposit bonus and withdraw the funds, a player must also provide the casino with correct information that will later be verified through a government-issued document.

A deposit bonus is one of the best casino bonuses a player can use and is very beneficial to the player, so the casino makes sure to include some rules that will keep the player from abusing it.

All players must gamble responsibly and within the rules of the casino to make use of bonuses in the UK or anywhere in the world. The best casino bonus is the one you can use, so make sure not to get it taken by the casino for not following the rules.

Amount of Deposit

Winning bonus money at the casino is an excellent notion. However, to win a deposit bonus, players must be aware that they must deposit real money at the casino first.

Apart from wagering requirements, you must first deposit at the casino to use the casino bonus. The amount of money you will need to deposit can range from casino to casino. The beginner-friendly casino will usually make the first deposit go anywhere from 10 CAD to 20 CAD to make the player eligible for using the deposit bonus. All casinos have some of the requirements for the casino bonus, which is just standard procedure. 

Bet Limits

Bet limits or so-called betting stakes are the lowest and highest possible wager a player can place in the game at any time. The bet limits can fluctuate depending on the casino, game developer, and game itself.

These bet limits exist so that the casino can retain some control over how much a player can bet to ensure that the player doesn't wipe the casino clean. On the other hand, it ensures that almost all Canadians have an equally fair chance at every game by having the same betting options and bet limits when it comes to wagering requirements. 

Wagering Requirements

To have wagering requirements at a casino in Canada is very common. Since a deposit bonus is one of the best casino bonuses you can take advantage of, it's normal to have some requirements before withdrawing the money. Wagering requirements are simply a set of rules you need to fulfil to be able to withdraw the funds won from your deposit bonus. 

Wagering is simply s the number of times you have to bet your deposit bonus over before you will be able to use your withdrawal method to withdraw your winnings. 

Winning bonus money from your deposit bonus is not enough. For example, if you have a 30 CAD casino bonus with an x20 wagering requirement. This means that you will need to spend at least 600 CAD before being able to take control of your winning and your deposit bonus money. You will see your funds in your balance, with a pending status, until such a time comes when you have fulfilled all parameters needed for the withdrawal of the money.

Wagering contribution is the cornerstone to being able to withdraw your bonus money.

Payment Method

Different casinos accept different payment methods. Some payment methods are shared between casinos, while some casinos offer payment methods that other casinos do not.

Some of the most commonly accepted payment methods are:

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

  • PayPal

  • Neteller

  • Skrill

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • PaySafe Card

  • Bank Transfer

  • American Express

  • EcoCard

  • ecoPayz

  • Different e-wallets

Time Limits

A time limit when it comes to a deposit bonus is a period during which you must make use of the deposit bonus. This time can range anywhere from 7 days up to 31 days or an entire month.

Before you decide to make use of the casino deposit bonus, make sure to read through the requirements of the bonus offer carefully. If you don't use the bonus within the given time, your account will likely be flagged, and you will lose your chance to use the bonus.

This is a common practice by all casinos, so no matter what casino you decide to gamble at, ensure you have enough time to use your bonus. 

To help you gamble responsibly, a website will even let you set a time limit within which you will not be able to gamble or use the gambling website until that time limit has expired. Even though this may sound counterintuitive, the casino also benefits from a player who bets responsibly.

Eligible Games

Before going all-in on the deposit bonus, read the rules of the casino, especially the part about which games you will be able to spend your funds from the bonus deposit. Although you'll receive the bonus, you will not be able to pay the deposit bonus on some of the games on the website.

Most often, you will be able to spend the funds from the bonus deposit on different slot games, which are the most user-friendly. However, different casinos have different structures, so make sure to read up on what games you will be able to spend your deposit bonus on.

Winnings Cap

You will find that most online casinos have set a cap on the maximum winnings a player can score. This limits Canadians from cashing out large sums of bonus money all at once. Some games have this limit set by default, even if the casino doesn't select it. 

Some casinos will even go as far as the set a limit to the deposit bonus wins a player can score. The idea behind it is to protect the casino from a wave of lucky winners clearing out the casino's funds, especially through a casino bonus leading to bonus money.

Even though this is very unlikely to happen, casinos still have a protective mechanism that ensures the casino's longevity and continuity as a business. 

Minimum Withdrawals

Most online casinos have minimum withdrawal limits that require the player to have at least some amount of funds in their account before they can make a withdrawal. 

The minimum withdrawal limit can differ from casino to casino, and it can also depend on the payment process you've chosen for your withdrawal method. 

It's also ubiquitous for a casino to set minimum withdrawal limits that easily outmatch the required deposit. The casino does this to stop the abuse of bonuses and requires the player to spend some time playing and not just cash in the deposit bonus and withdraw their funds.

It's not uncommon for casinos to have a minimum withdrawal limit of at least x4 times the minimum deposit. This makes it very hard for the players to abuse the deposit bonus or some other casino bonus that has awarded the player bonus money.